Commissioned by: Daniel Boey
Year: 2017

We are honored to be commissioned by Daniel Boey, Singapore's Godfather of Fashion, to design his new name cards as well as the book cover for his much-anticipated second book - Behind every *itch is a back story: The struggles of growing up with rash

In this hilarious tell-all, Daniel Boey talks about his personal experiences struggling with allergies. More obstacles were in store as he climbed up the fashion career ladder, all while managing his skin and sinus with medicine, treatments and remedies. Nevertheless, with a little help from his friends, he finds that life can still be adventurous and fabulous even if one has many allergies.  

“In an industry where it is de rigueur for everyone to be fashionable and modish in the latest trendsetting rage, I began to wonder if there was a place for someone the likes of me. In a sea of perfect complexions, my dysfunctional, eczema-scarred skin stood out for the wrong reasons.” 

We created a series of whimsical illustrations to elevate the mood, befitting of the storytelling. Published by Marshall Cavendish.

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