Commissioned by:
South West Community Development Council (CDC)
Year: 2016

Lead by the South West Community Development Council (CDC) and curated by OuterEdit, the Leagues & Bounds initiative is a collaboration between local artists, fashion designers, and the Republic of Singapore Navy to engage the South West community through Arts. Featuring a range of patterns, artwork and stylish bag designs up-cycled from decommissioned Navy uniforms, the Leagues & Bounds initiative sheds some light on the beauty of what collaborations can achieve - let alone the abilities of Singapore's local creative talents working together regardless of skill or upbringing, to give back to the community.

The artists and designers include: A Busman's Holiday, Astralrae, Black Mongrels, Frzlarfn, Mslatenightjam, The Do Collective, Weiloong.

We are honored to be contributing a piece titled: Treasure / Honour / Protect. Playing a word pun on the character 宝 with 保 from the Chinese phrase 保家卫国 which means protecting our homes, defending the country, 宝家卫国 would symbolise treasuring our homes amidst defending our country. The anchor, synonymous to both nautical and the Singapore navy crest, is represented as the unifying element between the loyalty and passion of the navy divers as well as their and team spirit and dedication towards the nation.

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