Client: SMRT
Year: 2015

SMRT believes in having a positive impact on the communities they serve. With island-wide operations, they are committed to conducting their business in an economically, socially and environmentally–friendly manner that balances the interests of their stakeholders. SMRT’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy ensures greater affinity between their CSR programmes and their vision of Moving People, Enhancing Lives. The CSR objectives are to support sustainable development at SMRT, while giving back to society and building a fair and inclusive community. CSR at SMRT is defined by fundamental principles relating to philanthropy, volunteerism, advocacy and operational practices.

We are then tasked to create a new CSR brand identity for SMRT that is professional, evokes a sense of warmth and easily relatable within the community.

The Enhancing Lives brand name echoes who they are and what they stand for, and highlights how SMRT aspires to connect with the community. The logo visual reveals a heart shape that is synonymous with a caring community, and the pair of hands supporting it. These hands embody the beliefs and principles of SMRT’s CSR pillars. The left hand resembles a leaf which is aligned to the company’s vision of being environmentally-sustainable. The right hand symbolises the other two principles of enabling mobility and empowering the community through arts and education.

The strategic placement of the SMRT roundel also portrays how SMRT is right at the heart of our community. The complementing colour combination of red, green, orange and black represents the various modes of transport that SMRT operate (i.e. train network and vehicle livery).

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