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Year: Since 2017

An archive of various brand marks designed throughout the years.

Month of May is founded by three sisters who find joy in creating beautiful accessories.
TEYST is a holding company for various food concepts that strives to do things tastefully, embodying good taste, style, and class.
Rails bar and lounge is a steampunk gateway inspired by the historically iconic Tanjong Pagar Railway Station, for the curious pleasure seekers. A kinetic intersection where invention meets wondrous imagination, with epicurious bites, intrepid cocktails and adventurous camaraderie to a pulse of House and Disco music.
Scholar Basketball Academy was borne from the belief of using hard work and self-discipline to become a good sportsman.
CFM Alliance brings together four highly accredited and reputable relocation and moving companies, constantly striving to maintain its industry leading position as a trusted and reliable partner with global reach.
BREED is a hybrid advertising/production agency that has all of the meat and none of the fat, specialising in end-to-end creative and production solutions.

Bruneus is an organic, healthy snack brand from Singapore, created by the good people at Superlative Foods. Bruneus products are organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, Halal-certified, and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Ethically sourced in family-owned organic farms, every ingredient will stand out by its taste and flavour. Put together with no additives or preservatives, Khüsh is 100% natural and will make your tongue the happiest place (on earth).

SPRICE is a guilt-free snack, easy to eat and 100% natural snack based on the finest organic brown rice. With no chemicals, additives or added oil, it’s just organic greatness to be carried around.

Naked has been developed and inspired by Nature. All the products come from pristine places around the world where each nut, seed and fruit are growing in the optimum condition.

Food Service provides food in bulk for different industries: Cafés, Hotels and restaurants; Airlines; Corporate; Retailers.

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