Client: Unravel
Year: 2015

Unravel is Singapore's 1st real life escape room inspired by local urban legend.

They are a team of sensory magicians and immersion artists and above all the masters of imaginative storytelling. In a first for the real life escape room concept, every experience is inspired by the shadows of Singapore’s past. Haunted by secrets of war and mysteries of urban legends, every scenario is richly detailed… with discoveries reserved only for the keenest of minds and bravest of hearts. Finding the perfect escape will test personal mettle, make or break team spirit, and resolve the deepest rivalries once and for all.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. With your mind as the only weapon, can you escape the dead end?"

The game nature is about unsolving of clues and quick thinking, using all human senses hence a single stroke is represented for the brand identity to dissect and weaved together, synonymous to untangling a mystery. Elements such as magnifying glass, synonymous to the detective element and a detective escaping through a door is also intertwined into the logo as a representation of the nature of the game as well as making it iconic to the overall brand. An online journey is told through the eye's of Detective Kai who is reliant on his senses and logical mind, aka lateral thinking, when it comes to problem solving of mysteries.

The collaterals included diverse aspects such as corporate stationery, website, outdoor marketing and interior media.

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