Client: The TENG Company
Year: 2019/20/21

The TENG Company is a leading not-for-profit Singaporean arts company that reimagines the possibilities of music derived from our Singaporean Chinese heritage. Founded in 2004, the company comprises a collective of music educators, scholars and award-winning instrumentalists. TENG’s work draws its influence from the East and the West; and the traditional and the contemporary. 

We are tasked to design a series of annual reports for the financial years 2019/20/21. The reports highlight the key events and milestones of the year to recognise TENG’s wholesome journey thus far.

For the first report, the design concept of having a “trophy shelf” as an act to honour one’s achievements, metaphorically pays tribute to the team and commemorates their accomplishments throughout the years. It celebrates TENG’s milestones and expresses them as triumphs while for the second report, the design concept focuses on different individuals coming together to create in a post-pandemic, emphasizing the importance of good teamwork.

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