Client: Dance Ensemble Singapore
Year: 2023

Dance Ensemble Singapore (DES) stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and cultural vibrancy in Singapore’s dance scene. As a premier dance company, DES is renowned for its captivating performances that seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary dance forms.

In celebration of their 30th anniversary, DES presents The Edge of Solace, a double-bill performance in collaboration with internationally renowned choreographers, Laba Zhaxi (China) and Roh Hyun Sik (South Korea). Simultaneously a conceptual and narrative presentation, the double-bill is inspired by humanity and worldly affairs. Each piece explore progress in growth and navigation in times of turmoil and struggle. Despite originating from distinctively different backgrounds, these original works find a common dance language, fusing traditional Chinese and South Korean dance styles with a contemporary perspective to create a unique and universal language of dance.

We conceptualised and designed the key photography and programme booklet by using a dark, contrasted color palette to set a dramatic and intense visual tone. Our design layout is clean and fluid, creating a minimalist yet structured look throughout the publication with emphasis on the photography and typography treatments.

Matt artcard 300gsm/ artpaper 120gsm paper stock.
24pp, Silver hot stamping foil.
Photography by Studio W.

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