Client: South Beach Avenue
Year: 2020

South Beach Avenue is known to be home to a myriad of exciting dining spots for the classy foodies. In the day, its proximity to many commercial buildings at the heart of Singapore makes it a popular lunchtime hotspot. In the evening, it’s a destination for office executives and tourists to unwind at their various food & entertainment options.

As a start of the first phase of South Beach’s rebranding exercise, we created a set of tailored illustrations that is sophisticated and distinctly unique. Taking inspiration from South Beach’s distinctive architecture and the foliage that are present within the premises, the new contemporary and modern design adds a little fun and liveliness to the area.

We aim to elevate the new branding art direction across other façades of South Beach Avenue, creating a new wave of consistent and distinct brand awareness while at the same time improving the wayfinding of the development as well.

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