Client: Ding Yi Music Company
Year: 2018

Ding Yi 鼎艺团 is a coterie of accomplished Chinese instrumentalists that trademark Singapore Chinese chamber music in the traditional and contemporary field.

Traditional Chinese music alludes to something outside itself… a story, a great literary work, a poem, a painting or even an emotion or aspect of nature.

2018's season focuses on the word "Composition", aiming to produce a distinctive music identity. "Composition" can mean a piece of work formed by various elements or it can also mean an action of putting things together, formation or curation. This inspires our booklet cover design where we interpreted elements base on an actual Chinese score, making the entire look clean and minimalist.

We art directed the photo shoot of the musicians to be in a lighthearted tonality, with each musician having a deeper connection with their instruments respectively.

Portraiture photography by Chu Chen Photography.

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