Client: Singapore Symphony Orchestra
Year: 2018

The Singapore Symphony Orchestra Chamber Series begins with the introspective musical thoughts of Schubert and Brahms. Rosamunde and the Nightingale opens one's heart to the smiling melancholy and intimate passion of Schubert’s Rosamunde Quartet, and the ephemeral joy and meditative musings of Brahms’ Clarinet Trio.

We illustrated and designed the marketing collaterals for the concert. Through the influence of the Romantic Era, and the art elements from the Vienna Secession, our master artwork would be charming, passionate and dramatic, creating a modern interpretation of the classical genre.

The line art style illustration incorporates romance, where a lady and her dainty fingers picked up a rose and is enchanted by its scent. Interestingly enough, the word ‘Rosamunde’ have several meaning; a girl’s name, a rose, or romance. The experience of romance leads her to an ephemeral state. As follows, the symphony performance will evidently leave a transient mark on its audience.

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