Client: CapitaLand Investment
Year: 2023

Unveiled in 2020, the Master Plan outlines CapitaLand Investment's ambitious goals and directs their sustainability efforts towards a shared purpose. At CapitaLand, they place sustainability at the core of everything they do. They are committed to growing in a responsible manner, delivering long-term economic value, and contributing to the environmental and social well-being of their communities.

We were appointed to redesign the strategic blueprint which outlines CapitaLand Investment's ambitious goals, focus areas and targets. The proposed visual language incorporates a mixed media treatment with a human touch to elevate the storytelling, making it refreshing, interesting and easier to digest in a succinct format.

The new Sustainability Master Plan aims to be visually more engaging and relatable to the audience while maintaining a professional and less rigid look and feel, befitting the subject matter's genre.

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