Client: MySmile Dental
Year: 2020

MySmile Dental’s vision is to provide dentistry for families in a safe and comfortable environment, building relationships that patients trust. Positioning themselves as clinicians who provide good services at affordable prices and to deliver on their treatment. Most importantly, MySmile Dental is welcoming, affordable while at the same time not compromising on its quality of dentistry and technology.

MySmile Dental focuses on bringing a smile to its customers, literally and figuratively - giving them the confidence of a nice, clean set of teeth, and at the same time providing them with the satisfaction of good service, which in turn brings joy to the service staff.

With all these merits in place, we want to create a unique selling point to set it aside from its competitors who provide similar perks. Hence, our proposed tagline for the new rebranding: A Breath of Confidence.

Our typographic treatment on the logo incorporates a tooth in the letter “m” while the letter “i” is an abstract interpretation of a suction tool with the wiring symbolising a smile.  The new identity draws inspiration from clean and minimalist colour palettes as well as introducing iconography that are impactful yet approachable and friendly, which also conveys the USPs of MySmile - customer satisfaction and high-quality standards.

The new visual langauge is then applied onto the stationery, print and digital communication assets as well as the spatial design of the clinic.

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