Client: ArtScience Museum
Year: 2020

We curated and branded a new immersive experience "An Intergalactic Odyssey" at ArtScience Museum which will be part of the extended list of programme activities featuring immersive media in various forms, bringing about a new type of immersive experience.

The theme for this inaugural event revolves around a space adventure where the audience is taken on board an interstellar journey into the mysterious deep space filled with wonder and excitement. The installation lasts for 5 weeks from 8 January - 16 February.

Visitors will get to explore the celestial structures through an immersive environment of light, sound and motion in the form of a 5-minute loop animation projected on a 7 meter tall curve wall, a flying saucer ball pit playground and a galaxy photo wall installation. A video series of space facts is also presented as an educational takeaway information.

"Take an out-of-this-world voyage to the edge of the galaxy and beyond! This multi-media fully immersive experience will take your breath away with stunning interstellar scenes and a flying saucer ball pit. Strike a pose in space and twinkle brightly against the night sky as part of An Intergalactic Odyssey."

In collaboration with Superpixel and Scenestealer.

Teaser trailer.
Space facts series.
Featured on various Instagram profiles.
Loop animation projected on a 7m tall curve wall.
Overview of experience.

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