Client: Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Year: 2022

Organised by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the biennale Singapore Chinese Music Competition (SCMC) provides an excellent platform to develop the performing skills of young musicians, raise musical standards, discover new talents, and connect people, by supporting their lifelong interest in the pursuit of Chinese music in Singapore. Over the years, the competition has seen many winners progress into Chinese music professionals, with some gaining international repute.

For the 2nd edition of SCMC, we refreshed the identity into an elegant and refined look to complement the original brand mark. Our proposed art direction deconstructs Chinese typography, sound frequencies and musical notes into different forms and shapes to create a sophisticated, contemporary and classy look, befitting the nature of the competition.

The colour palette gears towards oriental yet with a stylised touch of modernity, to appeal to both the young and matured audiences. Collaterals designed includes the key visual poster, marketing flyers, programme booklets, OOH, digital and on-ground event items.

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