Client: Superlative Foods
Year: 2022

Superlative Foods is a for-profit, affordable organic-certified snack manufacturer and beverage retailer in Singapore that supplies to airlines, 5 star hotels, bakeries, supermarkets, organic retail stores, corporations, catering companies, beverage manufacturers, online-only retailers and private-label customers. Its mission is to provide accessible organic food at an affordable price to its consumers and is the the first Singapore snack manufacturer with organic and halal certifications under their belt.

Their brand personality depicts the everyman and the jester – keeping their identity fun and innovative, while supporting the masses by focusing on the experience their products provide. We were tasked to propose a refreshed identity for the sub-brand Fill Good, which consists of a unique line of products that cater to various audiences, but is tied to the same concept of organic, healthy food. The refreshed identity not only communicates the sub-brand’s individuality, but also maintains a cohesive look when put together, which will ultimately form the personality of Superlative Foods.

Fill Good is an organic, affordable, zero waste concept store where everyone can buy high quality ingredients while respecting the environment. Our design concept emphasises on the “fill” aspect of the brand and incorporates symbolism into the design to aid the visual to be simple and efficient in communicating this factor. The logo combines a clean, rounded sans serif font with the play of the “slash” element to represent the “filling” aspect of the brand.

The new design language uses a modular tiling system to create a collage of textures and motifs inspired by the product nature. They also represent the diverse range of products that Fill Good supplies. The modular graphics treatment is expandable and interchangeable, repurposing easily into the different collaterals such as product labels, digital assets and packaging etc.

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