Client: Arts House Limited
Year: 2018

Into its 41st year, Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA) 2018 presents diverse and distinctive work from Singapore and around the world that ignites the imagination, inspires myriad audiences, and provokes reflection and dialogue.

Helmed by Festival Director - Gaurav Kripalani, SIFA aims to inspire diverse audiences through great artistic experiences. By bringing in around 46 shows from 15 countries, including Singapore that are artistically important, they not only help establish Singapore as a major arts centre in the region, but also expose the local arts community to new and different forms of art.

We had the privilege of rebranding this prestigious festival, kicking it off to a new artistic era. We themed around the concept of perception. In contemporary arts, performers have a dialogue or story to convey to the audience and that connection often rely upon a sense of perception. This explores the shared moment through the meeting of two perspectives - that of the audience and that of the artist. The proposed art direction aims to be thought-provoking and contemplative in its visuals, representing the nature of performing arts to the audience.

Using shapes and forms to illustrate the idea of perspective, they inject a sense of motion and expressiveness, befitting of the festival and giving the overall design a distinctive, diverse and inspiring look. This visual language is then adapted to various platforms by the respective partners and in-house team.

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