Client: A Phat Cat Collective
Year: 2018

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion. It is the warm, fuzzy feeling that makes us think about fond memories from our past. True to its brand name, NINETEEN80 takes on the classic nostalgic approach - bringing back moments we love, creating an immersive experience of a space back in the ‘80s - focusing primarily on the 30’s demographic.

The ‘80s was an era of eccentric stylization, neon lights and a time when technology was king. With pop-culture references and curated distinctive art style infused in its space, entertainment, and visuals, this arcade-themed bar and club seeks to reinvent the classic ‘80s experiences with a modern twist and a funky line-up of Singapore’s top DJs throwing down urban favourites.

Our design concept is inspired by the neon lights and vintage game consoles of the ‘80s and coupled with Miami Vice influences, the identity retains the essence of nostalgia in its treatment of logo typeface and the iconic design trend of that era - Memphis design movement. Informed by the basic geometric-shaped treatment of the Memphis design, the incorporation of the triangle not only unifies ‘NINETEEN’ and ‘80’ as a whole, but also amplifies the characteristic of the ‘80s aesthetics in a modern manner.

We then expanded the brand platform to various touch points and communications to truly deliver the NINETEEN80 experience.

Awarded BRONZE at The Gong Awards 2019 for Design Gong category - Branding & Identity Design.

Interior design by Tina Fung/Space Objekt

Teaser promo.
*hint: while on the website, hit the SPACEBAR for a very special effect!
Art by Steve Lawler/Mojoko.

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