Client: Arts House Limited
Year: 2020

Into its 43rd year, Singapore International Festival of Arts 2020 continues to be the nation’s pinnacle arts festival that presents diverse and distinctive work from Singapore and around the world. The festival aims to ignite imagination, inspire myriad audiences, and provoke reflection and dialogue.

Helmed by Festival Director - Gaurav Kripalani, SIFA aims to inspire diverse audiences through great artistic experiences. This is also the Festival Director’s supposed final year and the festival visual will signal the culmination of three years of artistic adventures under his leadership.

We had the privilege of designing the final series of the prestigious festival. The notion of weaving and intertwining coincides to create a clear synergy between the past year editions, a festival where artists and audiences can exchange ideas, international and local, diverse and distinctive. Weaving as a visual element, moves in opposites, immersing in a kind of rhythmic pattern with a story to tell. An abstractness in the process that incites and forges a connection between the two.

The proposed art direction aims to be modern and contemplative in its visuals, representing the nature of performing arts to the audience. This visual language and concept are then adapted to various platforms as well as the online edition and following year 2021's identity by the respective partners and in-house team.

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