Client: Farrer Horse
Year: 2022

Farrer Horse shares the exuberant merrymaking that defined Farrer Park Racecourse, Singapore’s first-ever horse-racing venue in the 1840s. The race course was an iconic landmark, celebrated for being a place where people of all walks of life and backgrounds gathered to have fun. Finding home in a well-preserved shophouse, Farrer Horse spans two stories and serves up playful Asian-inspired dishes and imaginative cocktails inspired by thoroughbred horses that graced the track and derbies worldwide.

Our design concept attempts to retain and infuse the heritage of the racecourse venue into the new brand aesthetics. During the 80s era, horse-racing was an acclaimed sport that rose to vivacious popularity. It subsequently evolved into the famous food hub it is today. Revolving around the idea of "Nostalgic Memoirs with an Equestrian twist" and inspired by the collective historic artefacts associated with memorable events, a classy vintage contemporary theme is introduced in our design aesthetics.

The proposed visual language assembles imagery from two highly distinctive cultures to create a unique identity that resonates with Farrer Horse. The new identity inherits distinct elements that each represent a different aspect of the Farrer Park Racecourse area, resulting in a visual that resonates uniquely with its origins. It also has abstract depictions of vintage references, creating a sophisticated yet familiar identity.

Our brand assets are inspired by traditional hatching print techniques, where lines are predominantly used to build forms and gradients. A series of equestrian and architectural illustrations inspired by the area allows versatility to create interesting visuals across the various marketing touch points.

Working closely with our interior partner for the spatial design, we introduced the equestrian green and tangerine brand colours to enrich the interiors of Farrer Horse, as an ode to the turf course and terracotta roofs of colonial buildings from the era. Every tiny attention to detail had been thought of in the design of the space, from the grandiose bar to the archival photos of the former racecourse adorning the walls.

Photography by Ryan Peters.
Interior Design by Sandbox Studio.

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