Client: Singapore Grand Prix
Year: 2019

Singapore Grand Prix - the home of F1 night racing. In 2008, Singapore hosted the first Formula One street night race, making history and further propelling Singapore as a world-class sports and lifestyle destination. The race had a unique position being the only night race and was held on a street circuit right in the city.

Inspired by the floral and greenery of our garden city as well as the uniqueness of our Singapore culture, we redesigned our 2018 livery with an electrifying splash of colours.

Introducing 2 different versions for the first time - SUNRAY WARM and MIDNIGHT COOL, making this series truly unique, contemporary and distinct from other editions.

The 2019 car has some new features:
- A wider, higher and much simplified front wing
- A higher, wider, simpler rear wing
- Smaller and repositioned barge boards
- Use up to 110kg of fuel in the race
- Two additional rear lights

3D renderings by SuperPixel
OOH idea and execution by SGP Team and Moove Media.

The first 3D F1 Luminous car in Singapore.

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