Client: ArtScience Museum
Year: 2019

Step into possible futures of Singapore 200 years from now and explore how our world might change. This immersive and experiential exhibition is a journey into imaginary future worlds, featuring over two dozen artists, architects, filmmakers, writers and theatre companies from Singapore and around the world.

Throughout 2019, the Singapore Bicentennial has been examining Singapore’s rich history since the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819 as well as the 500 years before. The Bicentennial not only prompts reflection on the past two centuries but also invites speculation on the 200 years that lie ahead. 2219: Futures Imagined explore the 200 years between now and 2219 – the year Singapore will commemorate the Quadricentennial.

Unfolding over five Acts, the exhibition places visitors in scenarios that explore how our future lives may be impacted by climate change and loss of the planet’s biodiversity. The exhibition provides a contemplative space for visitors to consider the global context that Singapore is part of, and how larger environmental forces will impact our homes.

As part of the exhibition, visitors will encounter the Library of Necessary Books which compromises a crowd-sourced collection of books that future inhabitant may find valuable – from the literary canon to DIY manuals of utilitarian know-how.

We then conceptualised a series of collaterals such as the document folder, submission slip, stamp, decoder poster, flyer and fictitious book titles as they tour the library and explore the various activities. On the shelves, visitors will also come across our playful fictitious title for made-up publications which might exist in a world 200 years from now.

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