Client: ArtScience Museum
Year: 2019

The exhibition Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. takes place across the galleries of two museums, ArtScience Museum and National Gallery Singapore. It features more than 150 works of art by over 80 artists and 40 composers. Through painting, sculpture, installation, performance and music, the exhibition shows how Minimalism became a turning point in the history of 20th century art.

We are tasked to conceptualise and design a 28pp brochure for the Sound Room, a key part of the exhibition. Inspired by the structure, systems and visuals of experimental music notations, our design concept explores the idea of deconstructing the normal scores into a minimalistic approach using basic shapes.

The design language is based on research; minimalism is made up of composing techniques consists of repetition and layering techniques. For eg. long bars are drones techniques (meaning note held for a long time), short bars are quick repetition.

Written by Wesley Goatley and Honor Harger. Edited by Nina Ernst and Adrian George. Printed by Allegro Print.

ISBN 978-981-11-9458-0

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