Client: Singapore Nightlife Business Association
Year: 2023

Established in 2013, Singapore Nightlife Business Association (SNBA) was a voluntary gesture by the icons of the industry representing the various nightlife business stakeholders. Since then, SNBA had positioned itself to be the voice of the industry and took on the role in promoting a vibrant, thriving and responsible Singapore nightlife scene.

For its 10th-year anniversary, our design approach to the rebranding exercise positions the association as both professional and human-centric, representing the nightlife entertainment industry. Our design language utilizes a visual strategy that incorporates metaphorical elements to articulate the core pillars of Professionalism, Community, and Entertainment.

The new brand identity visuals aim to convey a professional yet vibrant and engaging aesthetic, appealing to a diverse audience and reflecting the world-class stature of a thriving nightlife entertainment industry.

The logo, designed with rounded geometric angles, is structured to embody the core pillars of SNBA—highlighting the community behind it and using musical elements to represent the nightlife industry.

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