Client: YouTube
Year: 2020

YouTube FanFest takes YouTube's biggest stars from screens to live stages all over the world, and celebrates the freedom to be heard, to be in the know. #YTFF is a community for fans and creators – uniting the two online, offline and everywhere in between.

We then question how the brand should be better represented, since social media is the primary method of communication hence the rebirth of #YTFF2020. Together with the team at Maker Lab, we developed a visual system that comprises of stickers, a graphic vehicle inspired from corporate to pop culture, to showcase the expression, emotions, and identity of this community.

The new design language introduces layering of the elements to enhance playfulness and depth of the visuals. The shifting frames also create more real estate for the respective content pillars. Rich and vibrant colours are used to create contrast and youth appeal while the bold and trendy usage of typography treatment adds a distinctive unique look and feel to the overall campaign.

Livestream pre-show trailer for #YTFF (done by Maker Lab)
Teaser trailer for #YTFF (done by Maker Lab)

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