Client: Dance Ensemble Singapore
Year: 2023

Dance Ensemble Singapore (DES) stands as a beacon of artistic excellence and cultural vibrancy in Singapore’s dance scene. As a premier dance company, DES is renowned for its captivating performances that seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary dance forms.

Stride Beyond The Banks is an original dance-drama inspired by the story of Dance Ensemble Singapore’s 30 years of development and the “Singapore River: The Big Clean Up” initiative. The key values that the performance hopes to send across are perseverance and innovation. In addition, not to forget the hardship and contribution by the forefathers, and to continue the legacy.

We conceptualised and designed the key photography and programme booklet to follow how the characters and plot evolved with circumstances and time. By using projection treatment as a metaphor, our design concept also ensued from how the story is revolved around the Singapore River and results in a surreal visual that illustrates the connection between the story and the characters. A clean design layout ensures our photography and typography treatments remain highlighted.

Self Cover 140gsm RJ Maple White paper stock.
28pp, Metallic blue hot stamping foil.
Photography by Studio W.

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