Client: Superfood Kitchen
Year: 2022

Superfood Kitchen is a counter-takeaway, quick serve concept for original superfood recipes that advocates the benefits of healthy eating. Based on research, consumers typically associate healthy eating to be inaccessible, unappetising and pricey resulting in a detachment from this lifestyle choice – especially from the younger audience.

Hence, Superfood Kitchen aspire to redefine healthy food and increase its frequency by promoting delicious menus and providing a different perspective of this lifestyle; catered to a younger target audience. Their mission: To improve the quality of living by making nutrition accessible to all.

Our design concept revolves around the core idea of ‘a gastronomic playground’ - a place built to have fun, develop healthy living habits and ultimately enjoy a positive experience. Using these elements to represent the brand, we crafted a new tagline: Your Delicious Superfood Powerhouse and aim to manifest Superfood Kitchen's advocacy towards wellness in not just food but the consumer’s lifestyle as well. Additionally, our concept aims to inspire the friendship and community spirit of the ‘playground’ experience.

Through this new design language, we bring out the friendly and inclusive aspects of the playground imagery, redefining the Superfood Kitchen brand as accessible, relatable and fun, promoting food as a way to elevate a better quality of health & wellness.

Food photography by Studio W & GradePixel.

Website UI/UX
The photography direction of the brand ads is inspired by the idea of play and possibilities. A focus on Superfood Kitchen’s food items in game scenarios to showcase playfulness and possibilities. The image should be bold, fun and positive, keeping it close to Superfood Kitchen’s mission.

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